Pam Patrie

Steel Bridge from the Broadway Bridge
4' x 5'


   Pacific Northwest College of Art
   Independent studies in France of the Gobelin Technique
   Studies of the Aubusson technique at the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop

Selected Commissions

   The Horace Poem, Northwest Art Collection of Peter and Beverly White
   The Anunciation Tapestry of Henry Ossawa Tanner for St. Mary's Parish Church, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
   Jacob's Ladder the Cloister Refectory Tapestry for Mt.Angel Abbey
    The Astrid Preston Project, Century City Los Angeles
   The Roy Deforest Project, woven mural
   The Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, Virginia, lobby mural
   Idaho State Bank, branch lobbies
   Department of Veteran Affairs, Salem, Oregon, Lobby murals
   Kaiser Permanent Health Facilities, Movable Art Collection
   IBM Corporate Facilities, White Plains, NY, two large woven murals for their permanent collection


   Stories of the Sea, The Florida Maritime Museum, Cortez, Florida, Feb-April 2015.
   The Interweaving of Cultures The Reunion, The Border, Peter Gray Museum, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 2013
   The Interweaving of Cultures Exhibition and Symposium, Oaxaca, Mexico, January 2013
   Museum of Contemporary Craft, Residency Exhibition with the Laurie Herrick Retrospective, Portland, Oregon;
   Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington; College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California, 2011.

   "Jacob's Ladder," Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland,Oregon, 1999
   Mt. Angel Abbey, "Jacob's Ladder," Alvar Aalto Library, 1999
   Twenty year retrospective at Portland State University in 1995
   Contemporary Crafts Gallery 1986,1976,1974


   Governor's Ceremonial office; Salem, Oregon
   Pratt Institute, Manhattan Gallery; New York, NY
   "History of American Tapestry" University of Maryland
   Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ
   International Exhibition of Tapestry, Anchorage, AK ITNET
   Tapestry Works at the Fry Museum; Seattle, WA

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